Van Gogh Verbiage

The weather sure has changed quickly. I can finally feel the chill in the air! I've also already worn a sweater, which is one of my favorite pieces of clothing. With change in the weather comes a new digital wallpaper!

Have you ever noticed that you do so much better on something you care about? One of my favorite subjects in school was math. Naturally, I made better grades in that subject compared to something like history. I'm such a tactile person, and learning history was a bit hard for me because it was just a lot of reading. When I got projects that were interesting to me in classes, I not only had fun doing them but I found that I got higher grades. This concept can be applied to anything, including sports and jobs. I recently wrote some vows, and I had such a fun time doing it! What are some duties in your job that you enjoy? It could be something like packaging your products or checking your email!

Here are some wallpapers that are a reminder to put your heart into whatever you do because you'll most likely get better results!

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