Does your logo truly represent you and your brand? Can people identify your logo among 10 others? Are you afraid to be seen as unprofessional? Have you been waiting on a sign that you NEED a logo or NEED to rebrand? If you aren't sure or say "yes" to ANY of these questions, let's make some branding magic.

What can I offer you? That's really what you want to know. With my traditional Bachelor of Fine Art degree in graphic design and my passion for calligraphy and watercolor, your logo and branding will be tailored to not only your business but to YOU. I went to college for this and learned throughout my job experience in branding and advertising the backbone of what a logo can really do. Now, I'm ready to break some of the rules for you. Cookie cutter isn't my thing, especially with baking, but that's a whole other story. Who's to say branding CAN'T have calligraphy and watercolor details? First of all, no one needs that negativity in their lives! When people see your beautifully designed logo with an illustration that pertains perfectly to your business, they will be able to say it's you coming their way. Not only did I do my own branding, but I've helped and guided many creative entrepreneurs with their businesses.


After I receive your inquiry, we will set up a time to talk through Facetime, Skype, or the phone. This is your chance to ask questions, tell me about your style, and express your needs. I will be straightforward and tell you that this is an investment. Your branding will pave the visual aspects of your business. It will help you know what color packaging to use, how your Instagram needs to be laid out, and what typeface you should be using for your website. It will separate you from the thousands of other professionals in your industry. Once the first payment is received, we will begin the design process. All of this normally takes 5-8 weeks. I have streamlined my process because I know you have a business to run and an industry to rock. It's time to put your  business out in the world, and I'll be there to help and support you through this journey. 


Please contact me if you have any questions or if you'd like to customize your package. Add-ons, such as business cards and welcome magazine PDFs are available! We'll sit down and discuss your needs to work on creating branding perfect for your business.



• Calligraphy and/or Typography
• Mood board
• Concept sketches
• Up to 3 final proofs ($15 per proof after)
• Logo formats (PNG, JPEG, EPS)
• Only full color; does not include black, white, or gray
• Does NOT include branding guide
• Payment plan available
* Unlike the Ultra Logo Package, you will not be able to have any illustrations, graphics, or watercolor in your logo. You will have full rights to use this logo how you please. This does NOT include altering it from its original state.



• Full artwork: illustrations, graphics, calligraphy, typography, and/or watercolor
• Mood board
• Concept sketches
• Up to 5 final proofs ($15 per proof after)
• Logo formats (PNG, JPEG, EPS)
• Brand guide (pictured to the left)
• Logo color variations (full color, white, gray, and black (optional))
• Optional alternate submarks
• Ready-to-post square logo image
• Payment plan available
* This package enables you to have illustrations and watercolor in the design, unlike the Simple Logo Package. You will have full rights to use this logo how you please. This does NOT include altering it from its original state.

Banner Photo by Michele with One L