Empowering Your Love with Lettered Details

Woohoo! You're engaged, and you're ready to order invitations. You're here because you still haven't found a stationer who "gets" you and your vision. You may be stressed and don't even know where to start with wedding stationery. This is where I come in. You don't have to know anything about the process. All you have to do is trust me and express the stylistic direction you're going for—whether it's organic and modern or old-world and classic. With my loose calligraphy and illustrations, I can capture your love on tactile materials and processes such as cotton paper and gold foil. Imagine holding beautiful custom invitations in your hands to give to your close friends and family. These invitations will impress the socks off of the guests! Imagine the light in your future children's eyes when you show them tangible keepsakes—like handwritten vows—from your wedding. Computer fonts lose so much heart and personality. A custom script for your wedding day and reception not only sets the mood for the events, but it also shows how much love and care you have for your soulmate. Trust me to make your experience completely unique with pieces that will last forever. You can't frame the food or bouquet, but a beautifully framed invitation suite is a perfect reminder!





Hi, friend!

I'm so glad to see you here. My name is Sarah, and I'm the sloth-admiring, fried chicken eating, God loving calligrapher who will make your wedding stationery or branding dreams come true! I'm a firm believer in helping others, sharing information, and getting the job done while having fun. I'm excited to solve your design problems and give you paper pieces that you can't wait to share with all of your friends and family!


Are you a calligrapher or stationer?

I have always had a heart to help people, whether it's being a cheerleader for them on Instagram or sharing my favorite supplies that most calligraphers keep to themselves. From learning graphic design over eight years ago (MySpace pages were my jam) and graduating with my BFA to learning calligraphy over three years ago, I have been blessed to take this show on the road full-time. A few spots each month are open for those who need guidance, who need to vent, and who are ready to learn the nitty gritty of the calligraphy and invitation business. 

Banner Photo by Michele with One L