Ever since I was younger, my heart has been to help people, and it sure hasn't changed! If you're stuck and need a branding over-haul, I'm your girl. I know what it's like to be out at sea without a life preserver. I'm here to stretch out my hand and say, "WE got this!" It's up to you to grab it, so we can create something truly special. 

I am also a self-proclaimed business cheerleader. I work with creatives to hone in on their niche, create stellar branding, and guide them in the right direction with my business services. I love seeing others succeed and being that confidant they can turn to.  


Hi, my name is Sarah Barrett, and I am the owner of Sarah B. Calligraphy! I am a graphic designer by trade (BFA in graphic design) and a calligrapher by heart. My work is a huge part of myself, but that doesn't define me. I live in a tiny town near Tupelo, Mississippi, so expect me to have a southern twang, show you amazing hospitality, and say "y'all" one too many times! I'm a sloth loving chick with a heart for Jesus and fried chicken. I'm also probably one of the smallest young adults you'll meet hitting right below five feet! I know you're just as unique, and we could easily connect. I'd love to meet you and help you with building your business.

Because #communityovercompetition has been my business's motto (seriously, I'm probably too transparent), I'm the leader of The Rising Tide Society's Tupelo chapter. If you're in the area, I would love for you to join us to discuss bettering the creative economy in Mississippi and grab an iced caramel macchiato. My goal is to unite the artists and entrepreneurs in town so we can lift each other up.

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Banner Photo by Emma Rose Company