Empowering Your Love with Lettered Details

I believe marriage is a true bond between two souls who wholeheartedly love each other. It's something unique. When you find that person who makes your heart sing, hold onto that person. People strive for that feeling, and you have it! With my organic calligraphy and watercolor illustrations, I can jumpstart and capture your love on anything, especially paper. Imagine holding beautiful custom invitations in your hands to give to your close friends and family. Imagine the light in your future children's eyes when you show them tangible keepsakes, like handwritten vows, from your wedding. Computer fonts lose so much heart and personality. A custom script for your wedding day and reception not only sets the mood for the events, but it also shows how much love and care you have for your soulmate. Trust me to make that day special, just like you, with my calligraphy.

"I so loved getting to work with Sarah B. Calligraphy! Sarah is a joy to collaborate with and her creativity is endless. She was able to see the heart and vision behind my shoot and come up with ideas of how she could use her giftings in paper to complete the whole look and feel of the concept. She will, no doubt, be able to see the heart of your wedding and add beautiful paper elements to set the tone of your wedding day. Trust her ideas and her heart because her inspiration is endless. You won't regret partnering with her for your wedding."

- Beth Morgan Photography


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Banner Photo by Emma Rose Company